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  • for any individual aged 10 and beyond who needs guidance and support to navigate the complex social world we live in


  • help build and practice conversation skills, understanding and awareness of the perspectives - thoughts and
    feelings - of others


  • learn all about the unwritten social rules we live by and how to recognize them in order to act in a way that is expected


  • weekly group sessions of 1-2 hours, with a maximum 3-4 members



  • practice using your suped up social skills and strategies in fun lessons and games with your weekly peer group

  • be a mentor to your peers in your group in areas where you excel and have a peer mentor you in areas where they excel and you need some suping up


  • pairings with other participants will be based on abilities, age, interests and compatibility


  • individual private sessions are not required before placement in a weekly group can take place. However, group placement is not possible without first meeting your child




Rates based on age and length of session

Qualifies for Ministry Autism Funding reimbursement

All youths are welcome. Labels, diagnoses, disorders or disabilities don't matter and don't have to be mentioned

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